Why Winnox Capital

Why Winnox Capital?

You will be amazed at what we have to offer. Take a look at it.

Fair price

One of the biggest advantages you have with us is no transaction fees or commissions. We consciously try not to pass the costs on to our customers.

Sensible investment

We show you how to invest your retirement assets sensibly and achieve above-average long-term returns with us.

Exclusive service

Customer transparency is our top priority. With us you benefit from an exclusive service and attractive yield conditions. An uncomplicated flow of information and access to your portfolio and asset overview at all times.

Customer-specific financial consulting

Before making an investment, we take the time to first conduct an individual consultation with each client in order to assess their needs, financial situation and risks accurately. The satisfaction of our customers has the highest priority.

Mitigate risks

The financial market is exposed to a variety of risks. Since entrepreneurial activity cannot be separated from the assumption of appropriate risks, the responsible handling of risks is a priority for us.

Added value

With investments you always take on a responsibility. We show you how we work through a tailor-made investment concept and create sustainable added value for you.

Unique and intelligent investment.

Take with us the first step into the right direction and you will realize in a very short time that you can only win with us. Winnox Capital stands for discretion and transparency. No matter whether we trade foreign exchange, futures, commodities, options or structured products. With us you are always on the right side.

Note on risk: Trading the products offered by Winnox Capital (e.g. equities, futures, CFDs, foreign exchange) involves a high risk for your assets, up to a total loss of the invested capital and losses beyond. The conclusion of such transactions requires in-depth knowledge of these financial instruments or in-depth professional advice. Good results in the past do not guarantee positive results in the future. Therefore, please make sure that you understand the risks involved and do not invest with money you cannot afford to lose. Please refer to our detailed disclaimer for further limitations of liability.

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