About us

Winnox Consulting AG, the company of Oliver Martin, is a high-end consulting company based in Zurich. We provide highly effective consulting strategies and techniques for companies and individuals to take your business to the next level.

The challenge

There are many trends that shape the business world in which we live today – of rapid technological change and increasing global networking to blurry industry boundaries, that change the nature of competition and customer expectations.

Often, companies are driven into transformation by shifting market demands, new growth opportunities, evolving regulations, or distressed situations. Each of these triggers demands a tailor-made transformation and, depending on the situation of the company, they come with their own challenges.

More than ever before, increasing value by mastering the transformation of the business and operating model is at the forefront of management. How could a transformed business look like? How do we make sure, that we gain value from the transformation. And the most important: How do we control and manage the transformation, to realize values and at the same time to minimize the risk. Challenges of this kind extend beyond functional, geographic, and business boundaries, affect a variety of stakeholders, and impact complex interactions.

Winnox Consulting AG is a consulting company that specializes in providing advice to companies, especially for situation analysis and problem solving. We offer management support on time and on request as well as training, coaching and consulting. Learn to reconcile cash flow, net worth and income.


Individuality is just as important to us as transparency, trust and absolute discretion. Work together with us.

Our team

Our team creates a uniform structure that offers various possibilities, transitions and decision-making freedom.


We communicate in an easily understandable, uncomplicated language and are performance and solution-oriented.

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