About us

Winnox Capital is an investment broker based in Zurich. We offer an extensive portfolio of financial services for private and institutional investors. Our goal is to generate long-term returns for investors.

Sustainable investment

As a financial broker, we look for investments that consistently generate financial value for our investors. In short, we believe that combining a traditional valuation discipline with a sustainability analysis improves opportunities for higher returns.


Individuality is just as important to us as transparency, trust and absolute discretion. Work together with us.

Our team

Our team creates a uniform structure that offers various possibilities, transitions and decision-making freedom.


We communicate in an easily understandable, uncomplicated language and are performance and solution-oriented.

Intelligent investment

We advise you on your investment from start to finish in an initial consultation, so that no questions remain unanswered at the end. Our top priority is customer satisfaction.

Our partners

Note on risk: Trading the products offered by Winnox Capital (e.g. equities, futures, CFDs, foreign exchange) involves a high risk for your assets, up to a total loss of the invested capital and losses beyond. The conclusion of such transactions requires in-depth knowledge of these financial instruments or in-depth professional advice. Good results in the past do not guarantee positive results in the future. Therefore, please make sure that you understand the risks involved and do not invest with money you cannot afford to lose. Please refer to our detailed disclaimer for further limitations of liability.

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