About us

About us

Winnox Consulting AG is a high-end consulting company based in Zurich. We provide highly effective consulting strategies and techniques for companies and individuals to take your business to the next level.

Our values

We believe that people have the potential to achieve more than they can imagine. In most cases, the problem is that no one has taught them how to deal with it. Our top priority is to bring you closer every day on your journey and instead of wasting years or even decades, to shorten that time. Transparency is important to us and so we provide an insight into our company including our office space.

Our strategy

The advanced human psychology of high-end consulting sales and ultra-luxury selling is an art to expand an area of your life. We use simple methods that can be used effectively. Discipline and art require a high level of commitment. When it comes to selling high- end offered and luxury goods / services, you have to understand human psychology and your own train of thought as well. Our top priority is to bring you closer every day on your journey and instead of wasting years or even decades, to shorten that time.


We will put together an appropriate plan for you in direct contact with you. Our goal is to meet the needs of our customers to your complete satisfaction and to tackle the problems of the customers together.


Every entrepreneur should be aware that capital plays an important role. High-end consulting takes a closer look at these topics.


Before a consultation, we take the time to talk to each client individually in order to assess their needs and the current situation. The satisfaction of our customers has the highest priority.


Through an individual analysis of our customers, we can create a customized plan. Together with our customers, we address the needs and problems. We are the contact for advanced thinking.


We build a successful future with you. Mutual trust and understanding are among our fundamental values, as is our dedication to our customers.


We create increased trust and at the same time reduce transaction costs. We work with you to build a successful future. Our commitment to our customers and investors is our credo. We analyse your current life situation and consider all important aspects such as income, expenses and risk coverage.

Who are we?

Oliver Martin, CEO

Oliver Martin was appointed as the CEO in June 2017. He looks back over a 10 years’ experience in the finance industry. From 2007 to 2016 Oliver was working for UBS AG in the wealth management and private clients branch in Zurich and Opfikon. Oliver has an equity and hedge fund background. His last role being securities specialist and Account manager.
Oliver is founder (2016) and managing partner of Winnox Consulting AG.

Laura Morin, Executive Assistant *

Laura Morin joined the company in March 2018 as a business partner. She has advanced knowledge of customer service and asset management. From 2012-2016 she was deputy branch manager at Post CH AG in Zurich. Her area of responsibility was accounting and controlled financial management. Most recently, she worked at Migros Bank AG, where she was responsible for french, english and german-speaking private and institutional clients. For more than 6 years now she has been able to refine her skills in the areas of customer care, asset management and asset analysis. Laura is Executive Assistant of Winnox Consulting AG.

* Name change pending at civil registry office

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